Sensorial Labirynth of Music

1-99 LAT Kup bilet

Sensorial Labyrinth of Music is an innovative art project where installation, theatre and musical performance meet, aimed at both young and much older viewers. Children with parents can experience unique sensations while searching for sounds made by live musicians hidden in the labyrinths of old-town basements. Sensorial Labyrinth of Music is a space for the sense of touch, vision, hearing and smell. Safe and comfortable interiors full of various textures, colours, visual, musical and tactile effects invite viewers to discover, experiment, experience... they transport the audience to a completely different dimension – a dimension of wonderful calmness and relaxation, a place where time stops.


Concept and direction: Agnieszka Czekierda

Music: Gwidon Cybulski, Basia Derlak, Iza Lamik, Igor Spolski, Jacek Szabrański, Sebastian Wielądek

Cast: Dagmara Bąk, Sonia Jachymiak, Lena Kowalska, Małgosia Kowalska, Arkadiusz Wrzesień, Jędrzej Taranek

Set design: Teatr Małego Widza's team

Set design / Subconstructors: Katarzyna Stefaniak, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Karol Korytko, LFX Agency Maciej Karczyński 

Light production: Michał Foltak

Sound production: Michał Foltak and Michał Suwiński

Targeted at viewers aged 1-100 

Running time: 70 minutes


foto. Arkadiusz Wrzesień and Paweł Głogowski